array of tools on a workbench

Designing a Custom Tool Roll

Read about our design process as we take a project from concept to a prototype, and all the way through production. We specialize in creating durable, functional carry solutions of all kinds.
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What's in a name?

Most of our product line is named after streets in Portland, OR where we're based. We take pride in making our products locally, and employing folks from our community, and we wanted to highlight this with our naming convention.
Curtis Williams
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You Asked, and We Listened!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to our feedback survey earlier this summer. We were blown away by your kind words and excellent ideas. Thank you! Read up on the results from the survey and what folks are saying about North St. Bags.
Curtis Williams
Closing the Loop: From Trash to Bike Bags

Closing the Loop: From Trash to Bike Bags

Take a look inside North St.'s upcycled program. Event tents and banners often get tossed once they’re out of date, despite being in perfectly usable condition. Deadstock is thrown out. And it’s true, things just aren’t made the way they used to be. With the rising costs of inflation, labor, materials, production, and transportation, many manufacturers skimp on quality to keep familiar prices, inadvertently decreasing product lifespan. All of this leads to more materials piling up in the landfill—but it doesn’t need to be this way.
Curtis Williams
scout duffle handlebar bag on bike

Retirement Announcement: Venture, Scout, and more...

One of the comments that we hear from folks who learn about North St. online and come into our store is "I thought you were a much bigger company!"  We...
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Behind the Scenes: Project Workshop

Take a peek at one of our internal improvement processes! We held a shop project workshop, running through a guided format, asking each other questions, mapping out our priorities, and...
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Why do we offer repairs?

Why We Offer Repairs We repair because we care. Knowledge and care for construction has always been a core piece of our practice and it's what makes our sustainable bags... well,...
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The First 10 | North St. Bags 10th Anniversary

"I wasn't sure how far I would take it or where it would lead. I stayed focused on solving the next problem and making a better product. That's still our...
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Looking Back on 2018 and Ahead to Our 10th Anniversary

10 Years of North St. Bags 10 years ago, we needed a bike bag that didn't exist. Something rugged, waterproof, and adaptable - something made locally, that supported an active and environmentally...
Curtis Williams

Why we're wild about Tote Bags

For years, North St. Bags has been known for its stylish and highly functional waterproof bike panniers and backpacks. We are especially known for our convertible backpack panniers built for use on...
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Stories from the road - Coast to Coast with North St.

Last summer, my brother Spencer toured across the country by bicycle, following the path of Lewis & Clark through Iowa, the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, Washington, then down into Oregon through...
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From Custom to Small-Batch - North St. Bags, then & now.

It’s been nearly 5 years since I made the move to Portland to start my business, and we just wrapped up our best year ever.   North St. Bags started...
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