The results of our 2023 customer feedback survey.

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First off, we want to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to respond to our feedback survey earlier this summer. We were blown away by the 287 responses! Thank you, thank you. We also offered a free Pioneer Hip Pack as a prize for one randomly-selected respondent. So congratulations to Adam N. from Florida who now has a new Pioneer in his collection!

As a small team who makes everything in house in Portland, Oregon, we don’t stock a huge level of inventory and most of our bags are made to order, which can extend delivery times. But on the plus side that also allows us to be more nimble and act on constructive feedback. We truly take this feedback survey to heart—and we’ve already acted on a few things (more on this below)!

Without further ado, here are the highlights.

Out of the 287 total respondents, 84 percent were already proud owners of a North St. bag—many owning multiple products—while only 16 percent are not yet owners of a bag. So another big thank you to our loyal customers over the years!

Most Popular North St. Bags of 2023

In the showdown between hip packs, panniers, and backpacks, there was not a clear champion in the least. All three tied for the most popular product category, with each earning 13 percent of the responses (although hip packs had a few less). Our convertible backpack panniers came in a close second with 10 percent. The “other entries” were a collection of totes, wallets and travel pouches, handlebar bags, accessories all grouped together at a respectable 35 percent.

Graphic showing survey results

What Do You Love About Your North St. Bag?

Here are just a handful (okay, maybe a few more than that) of our favorite comments!

“This bag has been the best bag I have ever owned in my entire life.” – Randall S.


“Almost everything—I love the color, I love the size, I love the ease of transition between bike and back, I love that my computer won't get wet on a commute, I've been using it every day for 3 years!” – Robin M.


“The Pioneer 9 is a work of art. Thoughtful, full of rich features and a sweet silhouette. The thing that struck me the most is how freaking smooth the zippers are. They never snag on the overlay of material that's over the track. It creates a near seamless seal. It's remarkable. Inside, the loop strips are genius. The internal zipper pocket has drop sleeves? Come on, now. Killing it! On top of that you guys have been so welcoming, flexible, and accommodating with my custom orders. It's really refreshing to see that in a company.” – Franklin D.


Made down the street, by real people. Fun funky designs. Highest quality.” – Jenny T.


“Made here in Portland. Very dependable. Has been on countless gnarly bike rides and still stands strong. Y’all have replaced the zipper at one point so your warranty and customer service are absolutely fantastic.” – Ben S.


Classic colors, sturdy bags that hold up for years.”  – Julia M.


“Literally everything. I’ve had it for 3 years and used it consistently with almost no visible wear. It is durable, waterproof, and functional.” – Addison M.


“Weather proofing! I live in New Orleans and bike commute. Never had a bag leak. These things are sturdy. I got my first bag five years ago and only issue is the hook for the bike needs replaced. The roll top also adds a layer of protection from a pickpocket. I brag about my bags.” – Lauren S.


“Classic style, very durable and clearly constructed and sewn with skill and care!” – Anthony B.


“Your bags are rock solid that take a beating and function without fault. They have fine craftsmanship.” – Randy H.


“The bags are great quality and I can tell they were designed by bike enthusiasts. I trust the brand.” – Contact B.


“Everything, these bags complete me.” – Nicholas M.


What Could be Improved On Your Bag?

Yep, we asked. We love getting constructive criticism, and we take your feedback to heart. And we’ve already acted on a few of these!


“Loops etc. on the outside to attach more things to the bag.” – Maximilian B.

(We’ve added webbing loops as an option for our Custom Woodward Backpack.)


“It's hard to improve on practically perfection, but it could be nice to have multiple zippered access points on a pannier—you know, to get the one thing that you absolutely need that you packed in the bottom, back corner.” – Heather P. 


“I really wish my nalgene could fit in the side pocket! I’ve gotten used to that not being an option, but it would be really cool if it were. I love that the pockets are tight and yet they only fit smaller water bottles, or I have to throw my nalgene inside.” – Addison M.

We couldn't agree more! This note is on our "wish list" for future bag improvements.

“I would like to see an extra pouch or compartment on the back side or some sort of daisy chain type deal to attach something on the top or side.” – Ben H.


“For me, the shoulder straps on the backpack could be more padded. Just overall a bit ‘beefier’.” – Matt D.


“Really nothing…the only reason I haven’t bought more stuff from you guys is cuz I have other bags that haven’t totally worn out yet. I love the recycled canopy stuff you guys have been making!” – Michael J.


“I have a Flanders bag and there is no good way to attach something to it. I often want to grab a carabiner and attach muddy shoes or chalky climbing shoes, but there are no attachments.” – Sean R.


“I wouldn't call them improvements because the design of the 9 is already stellar. But the customizations I asked for were to meet my specific needs and it's phenomenal.” – Franklin D.


“I'd probably make the closure system a little more complete on the top so items cannot bounce out.” – Adam R.


“Lighter if possible without sacrificing too much durability.” – Joshua M. 


“Putting a voucher for free bacon in every bag would work for me, although an alternative would be needed for the people who perhaps rightfully so would find that offensive.” – Roth C.


“Cost.” – Prakash S.

What Would You Like to See From North St. in the Future?

When we asked what you’d like to see from us in the future, two answers rose to the top: 1) custom colors and 2) other custom options. So this summer we launched the custom bag collection, which includes the Woodward Backpack, the Pioneer 9 Hip Pack, and the Davis Daypack, and we plan to expand this to more products in the future!

We also received a large number of requests for new product styles and designs, like frame packs for bikepacking, duffles, and other travel options. This has certainly gotten our gears spinning, so stayed tuned for what the future might bring.

Graphic showing survey results

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