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What’s better than ordering a handmade bag from a local Portland maker? Having that handmade bag ship the next day!

At North St., we stitch each bag to order in our Portland workshop, and we’re constantly refining our production process so we can ship our most popular gear faster.

Shop ready to ship gear below and get that shipping notification quicker than you can say “Let's hit the trails!”

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joining the fight to preserve the natural world

North St. was founded by a single vision - to make bags that enable healthier choices for ourselves and the world around us. This remains at the heart of our business, and permeates to every corner of North St. from our product designs to the non-profit partnerships we form.

We’re proud to join the 1% For the Planet Community and pledge to give back to our planet by donating 1% of every sale to organizations that are making a difference in preserving and protecting the natural world.

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our best - even better

After traveling the globe with these backpacks for nearly 2 years, we are proud to announce that we've updated the Weekender Backpack! The Weekender 2.0 is hot off the North St. production line and so ready for adventure. 

We upped this workhorse's versatility with an added luggage strap, sured up support and comfort with a waist belt, and restructured the seams for even more durability. You're going to want to check this out.

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