Why We Offer Repairs

We repair because we care. Knowledge and care for construction has always been a core piece of our practice and it's what makes our sustainable bags... well, sustainable. Our very first blog post back in 2010 was about considering the entirety of a product life cycle. It's been baked in to our ethos since the beginning.

Lifetime warranty means that we get to see packs at all stages of their life cycle.

We get to see in real time, in real use how our packs hold up after years on the road, exactly how our hardware combats the elements, where to put that extra line of stitches for reinforcement and what improvements we want to make to future packs.

We get to use our expert knowledge of sewing to revive and refresh our handiwork and keep that pack dependable for longer. 

We also get to see little pieces of where our bags travel. The specks of red and white desert dust that hide in a corner seam and escape your cleaning regimen; little spots of salt dotting the bottom of a pannier from a region with icy winters; the gentle fading of a well-loved bag accompanying its owner through a few summers of equatorial sunshine. 

Packing up the crisp gear that comes off our assembly line is always a highlight of our day - each bag is full of potential and promise.

The only thing we love more than shipping out those freshly baked bags is getting to see them out there, getting scuffed and dirty and well used.

Wear and tear is a badge of honor. What does your look like?


image of woodward backpack pannier in for repair


We can do a lot to help! Some repairs and replacements (especially pannier hook and bungee work) can be done at home to save time and shipping. We send instructions and replacements, and you can be empowered to spruce up your bags and bungee assemblies without having to send your pack out!

 image of morrison backpack pannier for repair

We build our bags to last, and we know wear and tear is measured in use as much as in time. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our gear. We want to keep it out on the road and running through the entirety of its practical lifetime. This hardware replacement was an easy fix, and we were able to ship this back the same day it came in.

image of old woodward bag back in for repair

 Wear and tear is easier to fix the earlier we catch it - we'll happily offer reasonably priced maintenance work if you see something needing a little TLC! For this bag, we restitched a few corners, upgraded the pannier hooks, and sent it back good as new!



Have a North St. Bag that could use a refresh? Thinking about getting a North St. bag? We'd love to welcome you to our team! Check out our repair program details below.

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Did you come here looking for a repair for a non-North St. Bag in Portland? We can't help with that, but our buddies over at mtnsoles.com are a rad repair shop specializing in all kinds of outdoor gear.
Curtis Williams