We love stepping up to the challenge of creating custom carry solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. This was exactly what Roland Electronics brought to us when they asked for a custom tool roll. As a small production shop, we specialize in small runs, custom jobs and customer satisfaction.

Roland wanted to find a large multifunctional tool roll that would easily stow a wide array of tools for their technicians. Trainees and team members in the field needed a way to keep essential tools on hand and organized. What better way than with a custom tool roll?

North St Bags Blog - Designing a Custom Tool Roll

Step 1 - Design

The first phase of any design process is to ask a lot of questions. How will the product be used? What features does it need? What materials will work best? We had a starting point, using our stock Tool Roll, but we wanted to make sure that every detail was correct. In this case, what tools does it need to hold? 

Once we had the parameters dialed in we started mocking up a layout, starting with a flat layout of how the tools might fit together. We chose to add a 2nd row of elastic slots to hold smaller tools, utilizing some otherwise blank space on the piece. 

tool rool parts on a sewing machine table

Step 2 - Prototype

From there, we pulled out the shears and cut into some scrap material to create a working prototype. These samples are always pretty crude, and not finished quality, but we are able to learn a lot about how the piece will work when it’s loaded up. 

After playing with the prototype a bit, loading it up with the selected tools, we were able to improve on the design by adding Velcro tabs to help with the closure process. It had to flex a bit to work well no matter how many tools were in it.  We made this adjustment to the pattern for a final test. From there, we determined the finishing touches including label placement, the flourish tack for the closure strap and the finish binding.

Prototype mockup of custom tool roll.

Step 3 - Production

Once we had the final sample (and the green light from our client), we dove into final production, confident that these Custom Tool Rolls would be a hit. We applied the same attention to detail and eye for quality that we do for all of our products.

Finished production batch of tool rolls.

The result? A durable roll that keeps a wide array of tools stored and sorted to make jobs in the field more efficient. 

Does your company need a custom tool roll or other carry solution? Don’t hesitate to reach out through our Corporate Inquiry Form and a member of our team will be happy to get your project started.

Curtis Williams