One of the comments that we hear from folks who learn about North St. online and come into our store is "I thought you were a much bigger company!" 

We do have a lot of great photography, a big following of awesome fans, and our sewing team produces an incredible amount of bags. And, truth be told, we're proud of every bag, pouch, and organizer that we send out into the world.

And we also have to be conscious about where we put our time and energy! Every bag in our line takes training, patterning, and resources to keep available, and sometimes we find ourselves ready to retire and redirect that bandwidth. 

Now is one of those times - we're saying goodbye to a short list of bags and accessories so we can keep iterating and innovating. Here are a few designs that we're sending to retirement to help make room in our production line for cool new pieces:

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Venture Pannier - 30L

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Scout 6L Handlebar Duffle

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Handlebar Pouch

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CLEARANCE - Fuel Pouch

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These will be available to shop on our site until the March 13th, 2023, so get 'em while they're hot! After that, any leftover stock will head to clearance and you'll need to roll a persuasion check (or commit to a minimum) to place a special order ;P


Travel Well and Adventure Right!

-The North St. Bags Team

Curtis Williams