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Summer Activities are Better with North St Bags

As the sun warms the Pacific Northwest, Portland comes alive with endless summer activities. From vibrant community events to thrilling outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a local or just stopping through, discovering the lesser-known summer activities in the PNW can make your summer unforgettable.

In this article, we'll explore some of the top summer activities in Portland and the must-have gear to make the most of them. Gear up and get ready for an unforgettable summer with North St. Bags by your side!

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Hidden Gems for the PNW Adventurer

With longer days and warmer temperatures, hikes, lakes, and weekend adventures await. We’re here to give you four spots we recommend and consider “hidden gems” of the pacific northwest. Whether you’re a casual hiker, avid coaster, or lake go-er, we’ve got you covered. Dive into these lesser-known spots and discover the diverse beauty of the PNW while getting the scoop on our top gear and hiking backpacks recommendations. 
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Man biking through a field on a gravel road.

Spring Biking In PDX

As Portland blooms into spring, it's the prime opportunity to hop on your bike and explore the city's vibrant cycling scene. It can be tough to get out and about...
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How to Choose the Best Bike Pannier [Ultimate Guide 2024]

We design and build our pannier bags to last for many miles on the roads and trails. The bags you choose should enhance and support your journey, wherever it takes you. Read our guide on how to choose the best bike pannier for you.
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2023 Retirement Party

In 2024, we're maintaining our focus on creating the best bags possible. To that end, we're bringing a few styles back to the drawing board. Look for new versions coming soon!
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couple biking on a commuter bridge with North St Bags

Winter Bike Commuting Tips

This article will cover some winter bike commuting basics, provide a suggested list of gear, and hopefully offer some encouragement along the way.  We hope you will find it useful whether you are brand new to bike commuting, or just hoping to grab those car keys less by biking to work more often this winter.
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couple walking along path at a college campus

Staff Picks: Our Back-to-School Favs

Even though it feels like summer just began, students are heading back to school soon. Whether you’re hyped for classes to start or still grasping to every last summer moment, we want you to return to campus in style with these staff picks from our crew in Portland.
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Weirdo Bags for Your Weirdo Friends!

Where did these bags even come from?? And just in time to be ready to ship Valentine's Day gifts??? Imagine: it's a brisk winter morning in Portland - uncharacteristically dry and...
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Corporate Gift Guide

  Helping folks find the bag they need is what we do, and it's no different for our corporate clients. We know the value of finding a quality, rugged, useful...
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North St. Summer Adventures

Setting up for summer adventures and not sure what to get? We break down our recommendations for the best North St. trip companions.    Sometimes an afternoon of R&R is all...
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winter bikepacking setup

Carry What You Need - Winter Bikepacking

More so now than ever people are looking for ways to free themselves from the buzz and constant grind of COVID-era life. Working from home has you plugged in 24/7, most interactions that used to be in person are online, and your world just feels generally small. But there’s an escape route—and it’s best travelled with two wheels and minimal supplies. 
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Around on Bikes: Three Clever Bags from North St. Bags

  Need storage, but don't have a bike rack? The folks at Around put together this review of their 3 favorite North St. alternatives to panniers! They cover the Fuel Pouch,...
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