Setting up for summer adventures and not sure what to get? We break down our recommendations for the best North St. trip companions. 


guy wearing backpack on a waterfall forest path

Sometimes an afternoon of R&R is all you need. Keep yourself feeling fancy free with our top day trip companions:


Pioneer 8. The best little buddy you could ask for. Keep that airflow on your back and weight off your shoulders with this timeless, never before seen, handsfree technology - the hip pack.

Need to pack heavier? The Davis daypack has your back. A surprisingly roomy rolltop main compartment safely holds your extras, while adding less than a pound in highly water resistant, super durable materials to your carry.


guy wearing backpack walking along a city park path

How to pack for an overnight, without overpacking:

Pioneer 9. Bigger sibling to the Pioneer 8, this hip pack went off to college and got an BFA in adaptability. The Pioneer 9 is at home around your waist, over your shoulder, or on the handlebars of your bike. 

Belmont backpack. This compact knapsack stands out as North St. Bags' only non-rolltop backpack. Standing steady at just over 22L, the Belmont is equally at home striding the streets of a new downtown or roughing it in the woods.


cyclist wearing backpack

Traveling for the long term? Here are our favorite packs to pack:

Pioneer 12. As a shoulder sling or hip pack, the Pioneer 12 can replace a small backpack. It boasts 6L of room, with plenty of built in pockets for multi-day organization. Use it as a lightweight daypack for your longer travels and your back will thank you!

Flanders backpack. The largest backpack of our current line up. This big bad bag can hold 32L of gear in its ergonomically designed flat main compartment. Compression straps give it the ultimate flexibility so you can convert it from your main travel pack to a day pack with a quick pull.


Curtis Williams