Carry What You Need 

Escape the crowds with a Winter Bikepacking trip

how to pack for bikepacking


More so now than ever people are looking for ways to free themselves from the buzz and constant grind of COVID-era life. Working from home has you plugged in 24/7, most interactions that used to be in person are online, and your world just feels generally small. But there’s an escape route—and it’s best travelled with two wheels and minimal supplies. 

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Bikepacking provides a quiet, self-propelled adventure to set your mind at ease. Find a trailhead, gear up the bike, and start pedaling. Let the rhythmic spinning of the cranks melt away your workweek stress. Soak in the trees, hills, and trails. Go at your own pace. See a view you want to take in? Stop for some refueling. Pull that energy bar and your phone out of your fuel pouch or handlebar bag and capture the moment. 


North St. Bags Fuel Pouch


 When you’re ready to call it a day a few essentials will make the night oh-so-much more comfortable. These include: more food and water, a shelter, and some extra layers. But you’re on a bike, so where do you keep these luxuries? In your bags. Small waterproof panniers are ideal for storing the shelter and layers, and the food can either be stored here, too, or stashed away in a handlebar bag. 


North St. Bags Micro Panniers - best bike bag for bike packing


At North St. Bags we make handmade, lifetime guaranteed bags for occasions just like this. We want to help you relax and enjoy nature. Linked here are some of our suggestions for a minimalist bikepacking setup. If you have any questions, or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line! 

Curtis Williams