Where did these bags even come from?? And just in time to be ready to ship Valentine's Day gifts???

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Imagine: it's a brisk winter morning in Portland - uncharacteristically dry and sunny for a Pacific Northwestern winter. You unlock the door and walk into the North St. shop, and the QA table is filled with a veritable menagerie of packs crafted from scrap fabric of projects gone by! How did they get here? What are we going to do with them?

Okay, maybe it wasn't so mysterious in reality. In preparation for our winter clearance sale and an unannounced exciting business update, we've digging deep into our archived scrap fabric and making some weird custom pouches, totes, and fanny packs.

Our amazing production team sprung into action to clean out the bits and pieces we've been holding onto. You'll find some of our rad organizer pockets, sturdy beach totes, and festival fanny packs made with funky colors, reflective flash, and wiggly patterns. These are the only and last editions of these packs, so get them while they're in stock!

All clearance bags are ready to ship. Order your Valentine's Day gifts by 2/6 to arrive by 2/14. 

Travel Well and Adventure Right

- The North St. Bags Team


Highly water resistant, 100% recycled EcoPak fabric. Backpacks and bike pannier bags designed, cut, and sewn in-house in Portland, OR.

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