Our Top Five Repairs

We build our bags to last. A critical part of that means that we have a realistic approach to what “lasting” means. Human error exists. Accidents happen. The universe is constantly moving towards entropy. We strive against the chaos by continually improving our designs and rigorously testing our gear, but sometimes, the chaos wins. We'll be there, ready to help.

Since we make each pack in house, we know inside and out how to repair and restore a bag when something breaks. It’s why we offer such a comprehensive warranty, and part of why we’re proud to keep our production all in house. Our goal is to keep our gear on the road, adventuring with you.

Please note that we do not take on 3rd party bag repairs - we are only able to provide service for North St. gear at this time.


images showing broken buckles for repairs

"I really love your packs and have multiple bags- I finally broke these buckles after many years and many trips."

Buckles be breaking. This is the most common repair in bags older than 5 years (about 2% of our shipped bags).

Why? Because they see a TON of action. They’re clipping and unclipping several times a day and are exposed to the elements, office chair wheels, car doors, rocks and trees and many other opportunities for impact.

We’ve opted to source plastic buckles, primarily because they have an unbeatable balance of weight to durability. They keep our super lightweight gear feeling airy. All while contributing great durability to our best bike panniers and backpacks.


image shoing broken zippers for repair

"I've used this bag daily for the last 7 years. It graduated college with me in 2016 and came to Europe with me for the bike trip of a lifetime last year. The zipper just now needs a little TLC - can this be fixed?"

This is another backpack repair we commonly encounter. The folks at Lenzip do incredible work, so even when we say it’s a “common” repair, we see this in less than 1% of the bags that we ship out.

So why might you need a zipper repair? Same with buckles - they’re a complicated moving part that sees a lot of movement in a day. Overpacking can also put extra strain on a zipper, and increase the likelihood of needing a replacement. 


Image showing busted seams for repair

"I left my pocket knife open in my bag and it popped a seam! Can you help?"

Notice a little fraying on the corner of your pack after a few years of adventures? 

These repairs are about 50/50 when it comes to warranty coverage. If we determine that a seam was sewn outside of our regular tolerance, the restitch and reinforcement is absolutely covered.

If it’s plain old wear and tear, we charge a small materials fee for patching or panel replacement.

Pannier hooks and Bungees

Image showing pannier hooks in need of repair

"Love my bag and have been using it for 2.5 years. I commute ~100 miles every week in Chicago and have taken it through the hill country of Texas and on a trip between San Francisco-LA. I think I've been riding with my bag at least 8000 miles and this is my first issue!"

We use steel hooks and a 3/4” shock cord with a strong bite to keep your bags secure for years of potholes, speed bumps, and gravel.

It’s a simple system with great hold and plenty of flexibility for adjustment and service.

In the event that you do run into an issue with your pannier attachment system, many replacements and adjustments can be done at home with a few basic tools and a little guidance. If you need help adjusting your pannier for a specially sized rack, give us a call!

Furry Friends

hip pack destroyed by dog

"I have a bit of an interesting situation and am hoping this can be repaired. My 1 year old dog decided to have a midnight snack last night...clearly fabric sounds appetizing at 1 in the morning."

Unabashedly, one of our favorite kinds of repair work is when a furry friend goes hunting for their own snacks in your snack bag. In addition to the comical bite-shapes taken out of the corner of a fanny pack, your stories about your sheepish dogs, cats, rats and rabbits always make us chuckle.

Animal-induced repairs aren’t covered under warranty, but we’re happy to help get your pack back up and running!

Curtis Williams