Let's talk about breaking our bags. 

We want to keep you on the road. It's why we choose high quality materials and maintain strict quality control protocols, and why we offer a strong warranty and paid repair program.

EcoPak sailcloth is designed to hold up against the weather, UV rays, and the rigors of every day use. The majority of our packs are built with EPX200 as the main fabric, with EPX600 as a bracing panel for larger packs in need of high abrasion resistance. Laminate materials offer superior waterproofing, and the 200 denier face fabric means strong performance for your every day life. But we've seen the aftermath of nasty bails onto sharp rocks, forgotten pocket knifes left unfolded in the bottom of a pannier, dogs on the hunt for leftover granola, to name a few. Laminate fabric's main weakness is piercing and slashing damage.

Tears and punctures that happen through normal use of the bag aren't covered under our warranty, but they don't mean that your pack is done for! Between our paid repair program and an array of at-home repairs available, you can get back on the road in no time.


Repair Tape

closeup of tear aid repair on sailcloth fabric

When you're looking for a cost effective way to repair your panniers and keep them close to home, we have have tested a number of gear repair tapes to find one that stands up to our standards of waterproofing, durability, and adherence. 

Our number 1 recommendation is Tear-Aid (Type A). Tear-Aid is a no-sew sailcloth repair tape. It held up through our abrasion, puncture, and waterproofing tests, and adhered fantastically through in-situ test rides. It's easy enough to apply on the road, and durable enough for a semi-permanent repair.

We don't carry stock of this yet, but it is available at many hardware and sporting goods stores (find your nearest store here). Make sure to clean your pack before applying and follow all instructions for the best patch.

In-house Repair

If you have the time to send your pack in to us for service, we are always open to taking on repair work. Cost varies with the intensity of the repair, but expect to pay $25-$45 for most panel replacement or patching work, depending on location, size, and complexity.

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Curtis Williams