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North St. Bags Upcycled backpack collection

There’s something magical about sewing - it takes flat pieces of fabric and transforms them into complex, usable geometric creations. Our entire upcycled collection is a showcase of that principle, transforming donated event banners into durable, waterproof daily commuter backpacks.

Each recycled backpack is completely unique. The cut positioning remixes the patterns for each new handmade backpack, so the daypack you get is entirely your own.

Our current collection brings the vibrant summery energy of the races and festivals they came from and molds them into the perfect daypack for the beach, a concert outing, or suffusing your commute with a little daydreaming.

We processed a new set of banners and tents in, expanding our offerings for the Davis Daypack. If the Fire Red wasn't your jam, check out our Cobalt Blue and Royal Orange editions.

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This is a limited, rolling collection that we'll keep making until we run out of repurposed material to use.

If your company has scrap or waste material that you'd like to donate or turn into bags, reach out to us and let's see what we can make!

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LTD Upcycled Davis Daypack

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LTD Upcycled Pioneer 8 Hip Pack

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Highly water resistant, 100% recycled EcoPak fabric. Backpacks and bike pannier bags designed, cut, and sewn in-house in Portland, OR.

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