Upcycled Burley Hip and Handlebar Packs

We teamed up with Oregon neighbor Burley to create a collection of upcycled bags to help get you out there by bike! 

A few months ago, Burley reached out to us with a challenge: help give new life to unsold trailer covers. We drafted up some collaboration exclusive designs for them and got to work. Get a behind the scenes look at our process below, then shop the collection on Burley's site.

Need something bigger? Check out North St.'s own sustainable collection of recycled EcoPak bike bags.

As unique as they are versatile, these bags are made from 80% upcycled materials. Using fabric and trim salvaged from unsold trailer replacement components, we’ve diverted over 350 trailer covers from the landfill, and were able to salvage even more material for use in our regular production line.

We couldn't be more proud to partner with another Oregon-based company to take on an ambitious lifecycle project like this! This year, North Street has been thoughtful solutions for sourcing.

If your company has scrap or waste material that you'd like to donate or turn into bags, reach out to us and let's see what we can make!
Curtis Williams