The Best Portland-Made Running Pack

Inspired by Dirtbag Runners' lead, Crista Tappan's years on the trails, this running focused pack features an adjustable cross body strap, padded belt attachment, and a spot to clip a pouch for dedicated trail runner's secret best friend - a trash bag.

Why a trash bag? For trash! Set foot on a trail with any amount of traffic and you're bound to see it sooner or later - a wrapper caught in a bush, cigarette butts, the bits and pieces scattered by the wind. For many who travel these paths by foot, cleaning up litter along the way isn't just a good deed - it's an essential part of connection and stewardship of the landscape they love. 

For those who may be intimidated to join the fight, it’s important to remember that there’s no way to be a perfect environmentalist in our society…but there is always a way to take action. 

Sharona Shnayder, Tuesdays For Trash Co-Founder

Available 11/8 from Dirtbag Runners

11/16 from North St. Bags

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