Clinton Backpack by North St. Bags

Happy Retirement to the Clinton Backpack!

It's hard to say goodbye, especially when you've had almost a decade long working relationship. The Clinton holds a lot of legacy and history in North St. As the dedicated backpack counterpart to the Woodward Convertible, it was named after one of the most popular biking streets in SE Portland - the street that rode right past our first shop, SE Clinton.

man wearing backpack

We've made, sold, and shipped hundreds of Clinton backpacks since its introduction in late 2013.

Every stitch has been an incredible learning opportunity. Not only has the Clinton itself evolved over the years, developing this into the workhorse it is today has taught us invaluable lessons about construction in general. You can even see echoes of the Clinton's design in many of our newer packs, from the Belmont's distinctly shaped front flap, to the minimalist external zip pocket adorning the Davis and Flanders - both tried and tested on the Clinton.

So why are we saying goodbye? The best reason possible. We're making room for more, better packs!

As a small team focused on sustainability, we've learned the value of keeping things simple. It's important to us to keep learning, experimenting, and innovating with new gear, to bring you the best bags we can. That means clearing out our pattern racks and training books every once in a while.

It only felt right to give our dear friend a proper send off, so farewell, Clinton!


The Clinton Backpack was discontinued 3/1/2022

Looking for an alternative? Take a look at our full line of backpacks, for the minimalist Davis Daypack, to the mid-size, adaptable Belmont Backpack, to the ultra-flexible and big Flanders Backpack.

Curtis Williams