In 2009, Curtis Williams started North St. Bags on one sewing machine in the basement of his home. Since then, his convertible lifestyle solutions have made commuting extra easy with sensible designs that do not sacrifice functionality, but are enhanced by it. Today, his dream is no longer a one man operation. The company has grown into a tight knit staff of eight, hand producing the highest quality waterproof bike packs and panniers, from US Made materials. As the company continues to expand, North St. is creating jobs in the community and in the United States.


Expanding is exactly what we are doing! At North St., we are now selling bags locally, nationally, and internationally through our wholesale accounts and direct to consumer through the website. In order to keep up with demand of sales and the quality of our workplace, we have joined Community Sourced Capitol to help fund a small business loan.  

Community Sourced Capitol is a loan that is funded by the community. It's a way to support local business and get paid back! 

We are inviting you to become a CSC Squareholder, a Square is a $50 unit of the larger loan for North St. Bags. Squares are really simple loans and they act like this: $50 loaned and $50 repaid. Our campaign ends on October 28 and we hope you will help take us all the way to $10,000!

  Buy Squares and Help North St. Bags Grow: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!

 Once you’ve purchased a square, you join a beautiful community of other local funders. We’ll keep you up-to-date about the loan you funded and you can cash out re-payments at any time or recycle them right back into another loan.  

 Thank you for your support,


Curtis, Elizabeth, JoAnn, Lee, Sarah, Grace, Thu and Ba

The North St. Team




North St. Bags