This weekend will mark the 4th year North St. Bags has been invited to participate in the OBCA's  Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show and this year there's a rad twist - handmade beer. What a better way to celebrate two of Oregon's staple pastimes, bikes & beers!

This hand-made themed pairing will combine Hopworks Urban Brewery's annual 'Biketobeerfest' event which highlights local, hand crafted beers and the OBCA's Handmade Bicycle Show that promotes Oregon’s handmade bike framebuilders and bicycle manufacturing companies.


This two day event will take place at HUB starting Saturday 9/27 at 10AM. Plan to enjoy bikes, beers, great food, and live music!

Stop by our booth as we unveil a new color in our stock color offering, check our the custom swatches & try on our latest Route Nine for size!

Get tickets or sign up to volunteer !


North St. Bags