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Since 2009, North St. Bags has made high quality bicycle panniers and bags for the active traveler. Cut, designed, and sewn in Portland, Oregon with eco-friendly materials, our unique gear is guaranteed to meet the challenges of your travels.

Whether you're commuting to work, or trekking far from home, we've got your back.


2134 N Flint Ave Portland, OR 97227

Open weekdays 1-5pm

closed holidays

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What folks are saying
Nothing inside has ever gotten wet, and I ride year-round in Portland.
— Laura K.
I love this bag and I'm sure I'll still be loving it in the years to come.
— John L.
You can tell great care and craftsmanship was put into the bag. Highly recommend!
— Campos W.
Made down the street, by real people. Fun funky designs. Highest quality.
— Jenny T.
This bag has been the best bag I have ever owned in my entire life.
— Randall S.