Road Bike Action Reviews the Buckman Gear Bags

North St. Buckman Gear Bags 

When you finish a ride, your gear is wet and you need to shove it in your backpack, sometimes the moisture can transfer onto the surrounding things in your backpack. North St. has solved this problem with the Buckman gear bags, a waterproof bag made to keep the moisture in or the moisture out while inside your backpack. Made from a ripstop nylon sailcloth, this bag has inside seams and a drawstring closure for a durable, yet trusty bag made in Portland, Oregon.

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Digital Trends - Reviews the Route Nine Convertible Pannier

Portland’s North St. Bags is a small-time operation, but that hasn’t stopped it from building bags with big aspirations. Take the Route Nine Convertible, for example, a bag that’s just as poised to become your go-to pannier as it is a your single-strap pack. The intuitive design lets you convert the bag in seconds, letting you make use of the waterproof drop liner and external pockets in either configuration. A slew of optional accessories — such as matching ankle stripes and interior sleeves — provide even more functionality, while a modular pocket system offers ample storage and organization, so you can stash any equipment inside that doesn’t fit in the side sleeve pockets. Now, if only the Route Nine wasn’t exclusively available in steel-grey!

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Bicycle Crumbs Reviews the Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle

Our friend and prolific graphic artist, who goes by the handle Bicycle Crumbs (also make sure to visit the Bicycle Crumbs Instagram account), checked out one of our Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle Bags some time ago. Aside from the absolute killer rendering, Crumbs had the following thoughts on our handlebar duffle companion. Read on and enjoy:

Bicyclecrumbs is a vacation for me, it's a break form the monotony of everyday life and a chance to draw what I'm passionate about. Cycling and bike related products. I knocked out this @northstbags Scout 11 duffle with handlebar attachment in 7 hrs while on vacation.

The resurgence of bar bags I find particularly interesting and am a huge fan of. My experience has been nothing but positive with this bag. It's on the larger side of bar bags so I wouldn't use it for a training rides, but jamming around town it's the best, especially when you don't know what you might scoop up that day. What makes me love this version so much is the ease of use. Within half a minute it can be switched between bikes. With a very solid connection, I might add. This is extra useful if you need to pop it off the bike to run in somewhere( it includes a removable shoulder strap you can tuck into the bag).

I use it every time I go for a ride with my daughter and toss is the items she might need for a changing and my phone with a ton of room to spare. Light weight, high quality, and smart are the three words I would use to describe it. When someone can change up a duffle bag enough to give it a new spin and make them even more useful you can tell some thought went into it.

At $79.00 for high quality made in America goodness the Scout is an amazing option if you need to carry a tad more gear, and look good doing it, they have a boat load of color options. One small note is I'm not sure at what size bar it becomes a squeeze, but they fit my 44cm and 46cm bars with a lot of room to spare. 

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Find the SCOUT 11 Handlebar Duffle HERE 

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Macworld - Review of the Clinton Backpack

North St. Clinton Backpack

Another roll-top backpack, this one by Portland-based North St. Bags, the Clinton backpack is handmade with only heavy-duty materials, including vented foam and fluorescent lining so you can easily spot all your stuff. The Clinton backpack is also perfect for people who are prone to back pain caused from carrying heavy backpacks. The shoulder straps were vetted by a physical therapist, so the backpack won’t destroy your back during long trips. You can also customize the inside of the backpack to attach more pockets onto Velcro rows for better organizing your luggage. In addition, you can purchase external upgrades like a waist belt and an extra sleeve pocket. The 34-liter Clinton backpack is $199, and the 20-liter model is $169 directly from North St. Bags.



Celebuzz - Review of the Tabor Tote - June 2016

North St. Bags Tabor Tote ($39.00 or $59.00 depending on size) - If you're looking an attractive tote that is well really well made and attractive, then you have to check out these totes from North St. Bags. The latest addition to their line of totes is the Tabor Tote and it comes in regular and extra-large sizes (both sizes are actually very light).

These totes are perfect for the beach, or the Farmer's Market. If you plan on stocking up at the Farmer's Market, you're going to want to bring the extra-large tote. The bags are made in Portland with Made in USA materials, and are made out of 1000 denier Cordura nylon, which means that they are sturdy! They also come with a lifetime guarantee.

There is a color for just about everyone — I have the extra large tote in midnight blue. These would really make for a great Father's Day gift, or even for your personal use. — Michael

You can purchase North St. Bags Tabor Tote's here.

Bike Rumor Reviews the Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle

If your cargo needs aren’t of the beverage type, North Street’s duffels might be just right. The smaller Scout 11 is available with handlebar mounts to turn it into a great front end bag. Easy access to the bare essentials comes from a stiffener panel that slides into an interior sleeve and maintains the bag’s round shape even when empty. Velcro straps connect to the bag’s carry straps to attach it to your handlebar. The bag’s made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon and lined with their signature waterproof X-Pac sailcloth to keep contents dry. It comes in four colors and retails for $79.00. Each one is made to order.

Holiday 2015 Ship Dates

December 13, 2015

See the following deadlines for guaranteed holiday delivery:
Custom order for USPS Priority - 12/5
Custom order for will-call - 12/15
Stock order for USPS Priority - 12/15
Stock orders for will-call - 12/18

We'll do our best to fill orders leading up to the 23rd, but after these dates cannot guarantee that orders will arrive in time.

ALSO - North St will be closed for our holiday break from 12/24/2015 thru 1/1/2016. We'll still be taking orders through our website, but we'll be filling orders after we return, no later than 1/12. Also, we'll be responding to inquiries (voicemail, email, website contact form) after we return.


Happy Holidays from all of us at North St Bags!

Portland Mercury

June 03, 2015

Portland Mercury Shop Tour - June 2015

In other words, Williams' once-personal quest has officially blown up, becoming another Portland institution sharing its know-how with the wider bike world. The company's bags and other cycling accessories are simply designed and made to order through what North St. terms a "just in time" production practice. Translation: At any given time the shop has very little inventory, allowing it to stay nimble.




The NSB Shop HQ Grand Opening party was a huge success. A big thank you to all who came by last Friday night to take in our new retail space here at the North St headquarters. We were able to show off our full line of product and share it with friends and fans alike in an environment that really does the line justice. 


While the weather wasn't all that we had hoped for on a late spring evening here in Portland, we were still lucky enough to be able to roll open our overhead door, drag out the beanbag toss boards, and share some snacks and beers with our pals.

Also, big ups to the good folks at Ti Cycles who dropped off a loaner bike for the shop, on which we are showcasing some limited edition Route 7 bags below. This bike was their NAHBS entry this year, which features the brand new Shimano Steps E-assist motor, married to an electronic Di-2 Alfine 11 internal geared hub, via a Gates belt drive

It's pretty slick technology all around and it's worth a visit just to check out this bike! 


All in all we were thrilled to kick off a new retail venture with those closest to the brand and offer a small token of our gratitude for the support along the way. As part of our thanks, we're giving away a Route 6 bag to our favorite Instagram post from the evening, and a Handlebar Pouch to the runner up. We'll be announcing the winners of the contest shortly, so stay tuned!







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