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This week, Trina Ortega of Mountain Flyer Magazine shows North St., the Pioneer 9, and the Micro Panniers some love in her article. 

Trina covers our ~fun-employment~ origin story, why our bags do so many things, our recent partnership with 1% for the Planet, and that old question: why manufacture in the U.S.?

All of the fabrics used in North St. packs and most of the trims, zippers, Velcro, buckles and other hardware are sourced from U.S. manufacturers.

“We pay a little bit more, and we charge a little more for it, but they are brand value pieces that I don’t want to compromise on,” Williams said. “I don’t see value in shipping material all across the globe just to produce a bag and then ship that bag somewhere else. I want to keep the supply chain as simple as possible so that we’re using the smallest amount of resources to produce our products.” 

Check out the full article here!

Curtis Williams