Portland made cargo panniers

All Racks Welcome

3 sizes of rugged stainless steel top hooks means more pannier options for your oversized cargo bike rack.

The last few years have seen a ton of folks swapping their regular car errands for bike based solutions, especially electric and cargo bikes. The custom racks on these bikes are built to haul your kids, your groceries, your life, and they're seldom compatible with off-the-rack panniers.

But you deserve the same access to cool, rugged, US made bike bags as any other bike commuter! North St. panniers (including convertible backpack-panniers) are now cargo bike compatible. With hook options up to 3/4" (with room to stretch), you can outfit your custom rack with stylish, Portland made packs. 

Hook upgrades are all available on our site. Just add the appropriate sized hooks to your order from the individual product pages, and go. 

Curtis Williams