It's spring cleaning season here in PDX, and we're clearing out some old space.  We are selling fabric and other scraps from our cutting floor in an effort to keep as much as we can from going into the landfills.

Swing by our showroom for the rest of March and save on durable, high quality fabric scraps.  Most pieces are pretty small (see below for a full description), but there are still lots of uses!

Dates: NOW through 3/28/2015

Location: 2716 SE 23rd Ave (near Clinton St)

Hours: Wed - Sat, 1 - 6pm

Endless Possibilities!

These materials are perfect for making wallets, bags, pouches, bins, sleeves, dog beds, pet toys, belts, covers, pads, camping gear, travel accessories, collages, flags and banners, mobiles, kites, mini sailing boats, play tents, tree house decor, forts, hammock covers, planters, hats, garden storage, and so much more!



Cordura Scraps $1 / lb
- mostly smaller pieces up to 8 or 12" in width
- lots of colors

Packcloth Scraps $1 / lb
- mostly black in color
- mostly smaller pieces up to 12" in width

Foam Scraps - $FREE
- high density
- mildew proof
- these are very small scrappy pieces (hence the $FREE)

xPac Sailcloth Scraps - $3 / lb
- mostly silver in color, a few red & black pieces
- waterproof, durable and super lightweight
- made in the USA

1" Webbing - $1 per yard, $7 for 10yds
- lots of colors
- polypropelyne

1000d Cordura Yardage 60" wide - $10/yd
- buy a whole yard
- colors available: Teal, Burgundy, Copper

Need more?

Do you or an organization you know of need scraps such as these? We'd love to connect! We're always looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

Happy Crafting!
Curtis Williams