Riding Gear for Gravel Greatness

Gear for where you're going, whether you need roads or not.


Minimalist Meets Technical From Town to Trail
Featuring the entirely-new Micro Pannier and Fuel Pouch along with an updated Tool Roll, our spring release offers simple and purposeful gear that's built-to-last (We guarantee it!) for your next commute or riding adventure. 


Made from single layer waterproof X-PAC sailcloth fabric, outfitted with our easy-to-fit rack mount is perfect for streamlined urban commuting, minimalist VX Micro Pannier, and offering 12L of volume, the simplebikepacking setups, or extended gravel riding trips.


Accessible snacks are a must have for any rider. The Fuel Pouch keeps your tank full by attaching to your top tube with 3 adjustable velcro straps for stability over any gravel, mountainous, or potholed terrain.

Big enough to fit your essential goodies. Durable and 
weather-resistant to keep you going through clouds and mud. And it pairs perfectly with a set of Micro Panniers, Pioneer 9 handlebar bag, and a Tool roll for a slim and streamlined bike packing set.


The Tool Roll contains five pockets to easily access and stow tools for flat fixes and brake adjustments, or emergency cash for when you break down in front of a bike shop.


Large enough to fit a folded spare tube, the tool roll secures under your seat or makes for a great organizer in a larger bag.

Check out our new bike packing gear!

Curtis Williams