Introducing EcoPak Recycled Sailcloth

North St. Bags operates with the goal of continual improvement. We prioritize the slow and steady, the scenic routes, and doing whatever we can to make our gear the ethical, sustainable, and economic choice. 

When we tell you we're excited about this new eco-friendly fabric? We're excited. 

Enter EcoPak. It's the first and only 100% recycled sailcloth of its kind on the market. Made by Connecticut-based heritage manufacturers Challenge Sailcloth, EcoPak boasts the storm-weathering performance you've come to expect of sailcloth bag fabrics, except it's made from plastic bottles.

EcoPak is VOC free, and is made with a fraction of the CO2 emissions compared with virgin nylon fabrics.

All of that in an eco-friendly package that's still incredibly abrasion resistant, lightweight, and ripstop.

All of our bags and accessories contain components made with EcoPak or other recycled fabrics. Insist on a bag with 100% recycled fabric? Look for our EPX options, available in most styles.

 North St. EcoPak Recycled Bag Sailcloth


Curtis Williams