“If you love quality-made gear that looks great, too, check out the Weekender from North St. Bags.” – Zeke Kamm, Carryology

by North St. Bags

We’re honored that our Weekender Backpack was included in Carryology’s “Ultimate Travel Gear List That Will Change the Way You Travel” roundup!

“The North St. The Weekender Backpack checks all the boxes for me and is one of my favorite backpacks for most trips in the five-plus day category,” writes Zeke Kamm. “I LOVE the visual style of the bag and if I had to bring a bunch of stuff around with me to work or school, this would be my top pick for best everyday bag, too.”

Read the full article here and watch the detailed video below:

The Weekender packs are available for a limited time. Shop The Weekender collection here and pack more into your weekends.

Curtis Williams