You want sustainable, durable backpacks and pannier made from bike race tents? We got 'em.

Late last year, we started connecting with publications about one of our most ambitious projects to date- our upcycled collection. Tried and true designs, made from heavy duty vinyl and fabric banners that often see glory for one event season and then either end up heading to a landfill or aging in warehouse storage.

Ideally, our upcycled collection will become a rotating cast of donated and salvaged fabric. For now, we're just excited to be able to divert what we can from the landfill, and forge relationships with event producers looking to close the loop on material disposal.

Check out some shout outs from around the way!



The Radavist: Radar Roundup

North Street Bags recycled backpacks featured in The Radavist

 "Your favorite North St. packs are now built with reclaimed materials. The team at North St rescued 300+ lbs of usable fabric from hitting the landfill and converted the material into panniers, hip bags, backpacks, and more."

Inside Outdoor: North St. Bags Launches Upcycled Collection of Packs, Panniers

North Street Bags upcycled bags featured on

"North St. launched its 2022 limited-edition Upcycled Collection of packs and panniers, made from tents and banners used at some of the country’s most iconic endurance events. The rugged outdoor fabrics, donated by Life Time and SRAM, have served in the field — including at the New York City Triathlon, the Leadville Race Series mountain bike and trail running events in the Colorado Rockies, and the notable marathons and half marathons on the streets of Chicago and Miami.

Now, they are about to hit the road in a whole new way. Moreover, this line of packs is slated to save more than half a ton of waste from the landfill this year, including highly water-resistant vinyl and vinyl mesh ideal for recycled use."

Bike Portland: Business News Roundup: North St. Bags, Portland Design Works, Gracie’s Wrench

North Street Bags upcycled collection featured on
"We’ve been big supporters of North St. since the very beginning. When founder Curtis Williams showed up at our BikeCraft event in 2009, it was clear he had the right mix of ambition and passion to make his business fly. These days North St.’s panniers are so ubiquitous they’ve become a signature Portland accessory.

Earlier this month the company launched a new line of upcycled bags with a neat origin story. North St.’s new Upcycled Collection is made from tents and banners used at major endurance events. Using fabric and materials donated by event organizer Life Time and component maker SRAM, they’ve added four new products to their lineup: a hip pack, daypack, grocery pannier and a “micro” pannier. North St. says the new bags will save over half a ton of waste from the landfill this year. And like all North St. products, they’re made right here in Portland!"

Everyday Carry: North St. Bags Upcycled Collection

North Street Bags Recycled Backpacks featured on
"The Venn diagram of bags made for cyclists and bags great for everyday carry is basically a circle. They both require a high level of durability, water resistance, and comfort. North St. Bags has been a go-to brand for cyclists for a while, and their bags check all of these boxes. The company's newest Upcycled line of bags offers a few different options that have been recycled and repurposed from donated and reclaimed tough materials like sailcloth and lightweight vinyl. Whether you’re looking for a new main pack or a complementary bag for your commute and daily errands, these are worth checking out."
Curtis Williams