Dave Malwitz over at Gravelstoke took our Handlebar Pouch for some test rides and discovered exactly why it has such a unique shape.

Dave Malwitz reviews the North St. Handlebar Pouch

"The Pouch features a longer shape than most small bar bags measuring 10" wide x 2" deep x 4.5" tall. At first glance, it wasn't immediately apparent why North St. designed it this way, but after strapping it on the first time the benefits were clear. While still maintaining a relatively low profile, the wide form of the Handlebar Pouch allows for plenty of room in between the velcro straps to mount other items to the cockpit. Normally when I run other small handlebar bags it can’t fit everything else I like to mount near the stem, such as a K-EDGE mount for my Wahoo Roam and a Spurcycle Bell."

Check out the rest of Dave's gravel focused review here, and pick up your own Handlebar Pouch for your next gravel ride!

Curtis Williams