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Bicycle Crumbs Reviews the Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle

Bicycle Crumbs - Reviews the Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle

Our friend and prolific graphic artist, who goes by the handle Bicycle Crumbs (also make sure to visit the Bicycle Crumbs Instagram account), checked out one of our Scout 11 Handlebar Duffle Bags some time ago. Aside from the absolute killer rendering, Crumbs had the following thoughts on our handlebar duffle companion. Read on and enjoy:

Bicyclecrumbs is a vacation for me, it's a break form the monotony of everyday life and a chance to draw what I'm passionate about. Cycling and bike related products. I knocked out this @northstbags Scout 11 duffle with handlebar attachment in 7 hrs while on vacation.

The resurgence of bar bags I find particularly interesting and am a huge fan of. My experience has been nothing but positive with this bag. It's on the larger side of bar bags so I wouldn't use it for a training rides, but jamming around town it's the best, especially when you don't know what you might scoop up that day. What makes me love this version so much is the ease of use. Within half a minute it can be switched between bikes. With a very solid connection, I might add. This is extra useful if you need to pop it off the bike to run in somewhere( it includes a removable shoulder strap you can tuck into the bag).

I use it every time I go for a ride with my daughter and toss is the items she might need for a changing and my phone with a ton of room to spare. Light weight, high quality, and smart are the three words I would use to describe it. When someone can change up a duffle bag enough to give it a new spin and make them even more useful you can tell some thought went into it.

At $79.00 for high quality made in America goodness the Scout is an amazing option if you need to carry a tad more gear, and look good doing it, they have a boat load of color options. One small note is I'm not sure at what size bar it becomes a squeeze, but they fit my 44cm and 46cm bars with a lot of room to spare. 

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