Last month was the official one year anniversary for North St Bags!  I'm waiting to celebrate until Bike Craft (my debut event last year) but I thought I'd share some status updates.

I've sold:

  • 44 Avenue B & Woodward bags
  • 8 hip pouches
  • 54 grocery panniers
  • 2 guitar bags

I've made many more than that - 193 bags total.

I currently have 33 bags in 4 different retail shops around Portland.  I post my bags on Etsy and Pedalr, and attend local bike craft events.

Some recent news:  I've recently hired Mara, my first production assistant, who comes in to help with cutting and prepping.  I'm trying to step up my production capacity a little bit, and need to start delegating some stuff.  She has been great - very creative and attentive to detail.

Also, my studio has sprung a leak in the recent rainstorms, which has been a fun extra thing to deal with.

I've got a peek at another new product which I'll be introducing at Bike Craft 2010:

route pannier prototype

Basically I'm going for a step up from the grocery pannier (more durable, waterproof, more secure) but without all the features of the Woodward.  It's a simple roll-top pannier design,  tapered for style and accessibility.  It features a waterproof ripstop nylon liner, a reflector which wraps around the front and one side, d-rings to add a shoulder strap, and the basic hook & bungee setup.  Useful for extra waterproof cargo space and light touring.  I'll have two sizes available.  Come be the first to check them out at Bike Craft 2010.

I also have some new colors in stock:

For Fabric:  Charcoal, Burgundy and Midnight Blue

For Straps & Trim:  Burgundy, Teal, and Pink!