These bags are very simple.  It's a grocery bag that you can attach to your bicycle.  It's a bit more durable and weather proof too.  I bring these into the store and get excited comments when I'm cashing out.

The hooks are handmade by Haulin' Colin up in Seattle.  He makes some sturdy lookin' trailers.  Check out some photos here.

The hardware is stainless steel.  The pannier setup is simple, but classic.  It works.

The material is vinyl from old banners that I found at Scrap.  I matched accent colors to the images in the banner.

If there are any left after the Bike Swap tomorrow, I'll be selling these for $25 each  or $45 for a pair.

Send me an email if you want one and what color (Red, Blue, or Black)

curtis [at] northstbags [dot] com

I have plenty more banner material so I'll be making more (more colors too!)