As a small business owner, I often get asked "how big do you want to grow?" I always have a hard time answering this, but it usually comes down to "more, but better." It's not just growth that I want, but growth in a healthier, more sustainable way. Growth that is manageable and steerable along the right course for us as a brand and as a team. Having started North St on my own in my basement just 5 1/2 years ago, I've been thrilled to watch it grow into the company it is today, and my answer still remains "more, but better."

As an experiment last year, we participated in Portland's Downtown Pop-Up Shop program to see if opening a retail location is a viable move for us. We had a blast and were sad to pack it up at the end of the season. Right away, we started planning our next project. We've spent the past few months extending our reach to working with the best bike shops in all parts of the US, and are even shipping bags to far-away shops in places like Japan and the EU. We've landed some great press, and our online sales continue to grow. We continue to add employees slowly, and we've honed our retail strategy bit by bit.

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of NSB SHOP HQ; our new retail showroom inside our production facility. Please join us and celebrate our new space on

Friday, May 15 from 4-8 pm at 2716 SE 23rd Ave

Refreshments and prizes for all! For more up-to-date information check out our Facebook event page HERE!

Curtis Williams