WIRED MAGAZINE - January 2015

So how about just one bag that works in both configurations? North St. Bags’ Route Nine Convertible does double duty, converting from a sturdy pannier to comfortable backpack depending on your needs, and looking handsome in either mode.

Normally, a pannier would sit awkwardly or uncomfortably strapped across your back, while a backpack or messenger may not fasten to a rack securely enough to work as a pannier. The $228 Route Nine bag is designed to make this transition thanks to removable pannier backing, a removable padded shoulder strap, and a roll-top closure that’s well suited to either configuration. A waterproof liner protects the 17.5 liters of storage space inside, and the outside pockets are also water resistant. Reflectors adorn the pack’s side pockets for added visibility.


North St. Bags