Recently our friend Adam from Bicycle Times stopped by the North St shop for a tour. He spent the afternoon pokingaround the production line, our textile backstock, and on-hand inventory. He snapped some great pics and we had a really great conversation with him about our goals and hopes for North St.

In the article Adam mentions our Switch program partnership with the Community Cycling Center where we offer an incentive for people to donate their well-used panniers (which we collect for the CCC) in exchange for a 20% discount on new NSB gear. These donated bags are instrumental in making the CCC's 'Create a Commuter' program a success and something for which we're immensely proud. 

You could tell that Adam had visited a factory or two in the past. He was insightful and notably keen on some of the lean manufacturing approaches we employ. The lean strategy really enables North St. to be a flexible production shop and output bags quickly and of the highest quality possible. We constantly strive to make our process and products better and it was encouraging to see someone from outside our ranks recognize our efforts. 

Thanks for coming by Adam! Check out the full article in the current May 2015 print issue and on the iphone/ipad app online.





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