Hey! Remember how much fun this past 4th of July was? We do too! Our good friends Amanda and Colin took Independence Day weekend by the rack and pedaled some pavement with our recommended touring bags. Here's their Route report!

Day 1: Overnight at Champoeg State Park.

Champoeg features historic acres of forest, fields, and wetlands. It is the site where Oregon's first provisional government was formed by a historical vote in 1843. (FUN FACTS!)

Day 2: Overnight at Willamette Mission State Park

Day two was treated with free wine tastings at scenic valley vineyards in Gervais, OR (just outside of Willamette Mission State Park). All white wines. While there we met was a nice Labrador retriever named Cindy, who had a mole on her face and was decidedly named after Cindy Crawford.

Day 3: Overnight at Corvallis KOA

Day three was also greeted with more scenic vineyards. Before headed towards Corvallis, we biked to Willamette Valley Vineyards, right off of I-5 in Turner, Oregon. We stopped on top of a huge hill for a photo op. The hill was large enough that we had to push our loaded bikes up it. However, with mid 90's weather and gorgeous views, it was well worth it!

Day 4: Took the train back to Portland.

Here's a map of our 12.5 hour route!

 Overall the terrain was hilly but mostly flat on the way to Eugene. Nothing like spending Independence weekend with Pete's mountain, swimming holes, scenic views, local vineyards, sturdy gear, and good friends.


Thanks for sharing, Amanda and Colin!

Hope you enjoyed the Route!


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