What more could you ask for? Before you reply with the obvious answer of "sandwich," let's discuss. Good friends, riding along with the quest to find the best handmade beer in Europe sounds like a daunting task, so let's go ahead and leave it to the quasi-professionals. I mean, let's support qualified travelers and beer snobs to take a journey and report back to us, so we can check them out the next time we're visiting over there.

Our pals, at Escaping the Void are doing the unthinkably awesome. Pals since grade school, life travelers, bartenders and adventure seekers are exploring the best of Europe this summer. Chase and I met when I hired him as a youth program instructor at a community bike shop in Chicago. He recently moved to the Netherlands with his wife and finds himself with itchy feet and a lot of free time! His best friend from grade school, Ben, lives in Berlin and loves to travel.

They had planned a bike tour to South America when they were living in Seattle in 2007, and then life happened. Nearly a decade later, they found themselves neighbors again, and they are anxious to get rolling! They launched an Indie GoGo campaign and are ready to get moving. Thanks to their sponsors, Ozon Bikes for donating custom bamboo bicycle frame and full touring bag kits from us at North St. Bags they'll be heading out soon! 

They are "planning a bike tour around central Europe, but not just any bike tour. Loving bikes not just as a means of transport, and appreciating beer for more than its alcoholic content, led to birth the idea of a Beer & Bikes tour. We are looking for the best and most unique cultures surrounding handbuilt bikes (and bike accessories) and handmade beer (and beer accessories) on our very own handmade bikes made with, well, our own hands." 

You can follow their journey at EscapingTheVoid.com; an online magazine, tour journal, and adventure blog which is focused on getting away from the monotony and finding people and experiences that build community and create a movement with bikes and beer. 

Safe travels and keep the rubber side down!


Liz Clarkson