It's been a few weeks since we've shipped out test bags to a lucky few.  They've had a chance to test them out under various conditions (rain, storms, travel, commuting, even snow).  Check out these photos of the bags in the wild!

Micheal P. of Rock Hill, SC gave the bag a hearty thumbs up.  The bag is large enough (17.5 liters) for his regular load, plus a little extra room. 

 We even sent one Across the Pond.  Thanks @outhousepics for the stellar product shots in Liverpool!

Feedback has been overwhelmingly good!  The bag secures tightly to a rear rack as a pannier, plus it's a super comfortable sling bag.  We have also uncovered new ideas, and some room for improvements in the design.

  1. The stainless steel bolts stick through the pannier flap obtrusively, so we've added a strap to cover them up.  You can still access the hardware, in case you want to replace the hooks with a different system! 
  2. The plastic clip we were using to secure the strap to the bag can dig into your shoulder, so we've replaced it with a softer, slim loop & velcro strap. 
  3. We're using a stiffer, stronger backing plate for the hooks to ensure it doesn't break.
  4. The removable backing sleeve on the back portion is open, allowing rain to enter.  We're taking this back to the drawing board to come up with a flap or cover
  5. We're still exploring the idea of a two strap option that would fit into the current mounting points. It's a tricky piece, but we'll post our findings as they develop.
Stay tuned for more photos and feedback as we hear more from our road testers.
Curtis Williams