We've shipped off bags to a few brave souls who will be putting our latest design to the test!


Our new waterproof backpack / pannier combo (dubbed the "Route Nine Convertible") is going to be the most comfortable pannier you've ever worn.  It will also look good, keep your stuff dry and secure easily to your bike rack, making your commute (and your life) that much easier.  To make sure of this, we've sent out bags to bike commuters in Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, even one chap in London for some solid road testing to help us weed out the problems.

We'll check in with each of these fine folks and post their findings here on our blog (both the good and the bad).  In the meantime, here's a closer look at the bag.



$150 thru 2/25

The first run of beta test bags awaiting shipment - the design is based off of our popular Route Seven Pannier, and it shares a lot of the same components and features.


We've added two front pockets with sturdy, waterproof zippers to keep your essentials dry and on hand.

$150 thru 2/25


The pannier hardware is mounted to a flap.  The bottom hook secures into the bag, which will prevent the bag from swinging away from the rack.



The pannier flap flips out up to the top of the bag, revealing a padded back and shoulder strap, stowed in a pouch.  The strap can flip for left or right shoulder use.


$150 thru 2/25

man wearing pannier with sling strap

As of now, it's set up with a sling strap, which wears much like a messenger bag.  One of the first bits of feedback we've been hearing is "let's see a two-strap option"  So,  we're working on one.  More details to follow.


Feedback thus far:

  • Too heavy - it's a heavier bag, even than our Woodward Convertible.  But, we plan to switch to a lighter stiffener part to save weight.  The strap itself also adds a bit of weight, which you might remove and leave at home for longer rides or tours, where you're spending most of your time on the bike.
  • Two Strap Option - We're working on it!  We're engineering a well fitting two-strap setup to compliment the one-strap option.
  • Hardware - The bolts stick out obtrusively from the flap when in backpack mode, so we're sourcing the parts & tooling needed for a slimmer, smoother fastener for the hooks.

We're taking pre-orders right now, and offering 25% off our expected final price for the bag if you buy before 2/25.  We expect to start shipping them out in mid to late March.  We hope you like it!


$150 thru 2/25

Curtis Williams