Tips for riding in the rain

Spring is here, that time after New York Fashion Week when your REI dividends show up in the mail, and the farmers' market re-opens for the season.  In Portland, it means cheap asparagus, Timbers victories, and of course... rain.

Our temperate climate affords us our fair share of the wet stuff, and we have a few tips for staying dry out there.

          1.  Lights - Safety first!  Dreary, shadowless days mean less visibility on the road.  Stay safe with front and rear lights like these from our friends at Portland Design Works


2. Fenders are your first defense against the rain.  We prefer the full coverage fenders, like these from Planet Bike.  At the very least, a clip on style like the PDW Soda Pop Fenders will save your pants from the wicket mud stripe up the back.       


3. Watch out for slick man-hole covers, and painted surfaces which are extra slippery when wet.



4. Waterproof Rain Gear will make your life easier.  Check out Showers Pass for quality apparel, or Nau for some snazzier options.


5. A proper Saddle Cover will keep your bum dry and your fancy saddle protected.  In a pinch keep a plastic bag stowed under your seat - remember those?       


Riding in the rain is no picnic, but it sucks a lot less if you are outfitted correctly - plus it still beats gas prices any day.


Stay dry out there!

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