Macworld - Review of the Clinton Backpack

North St. Clinton Backpack

Another roll-top backpack, this one by Portland-based North St. Bags, the Clinton backpack is handmade with only heavy-duty materials, including vented foam and fluorescent lining so you can easily spot all your stuff. The Clinton backpack is also perfect for people who are prone to back pain caused from carrying heavy backpacks. The shoulder straps were vetted by a physical therapist, so the backpack won’t destroy your back during long trips. You can also customize the inside of the backpack to attach more pockets onto Velcro rows for better organizing your luggage. In addition, you can purchase external upgrades like a waist belt and an extra sleeve pocket. The 34-liter Clinton backpack is $199, and the 20-liter model is $169 directly from North St. Bags.

North St. Bags