Flanders Backpack - Custom Builder - Customer's Product with price 244.98

SPECS - placeholder placeholder: 1
CHOOSE COLOR - Shell Color Black
CHOOSE COLOR - Accent Panel Steel Gray
CHOOSE COLOR - Cord Color Baby Blue
ACCESSORY KITS - Choose your 10" Velcro in Pocket Add VX Waterproof Pocket + $19.99 (save $5) (19.99)
configId h0BohFrjqgLjW0wNB52wrvQm
productUrl https://northstbags.com/collections/backpacks/products/flanders-backpack-custom-builder
weight 2.2994
_image https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/1668682/orders/north-st-bags-1733117411387-V0MNfItVktFUGTLkwRyJP_sc.png

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