Beaumont Bandana - Midnight/White - LTD Edition

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Ladies and Gentlemen let's stay classy, always carry a handkerchief.

Call it what you like, a bandana, neckerchief, scarf, shawl, or handkerchief, having a square of 100% cotton handy is a must when you're out and about in the city.

Whether you need it to mop your brow during a hot summer bicycle ride, dab your nose during a cold winter commute, or shield your face from protest tear gas, our limited edition bandana will be with you when needed. Cleaning your sunglasses (or regular glasses) is better with cotton. Also, wearing it rolled up around your neck makes you look both debonair and down to earth at the same time--a fact proven completely impossible with any other piece of clothing. For reference see Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park.

Made in China, Printed in Portland, Oregon. China? Yes, please see HERE for more information why.

  • Size: 21.5" ~ square-ish
  • 100% cotton
  • Discharge screenprinted in Portland, Oregon

The Art of Manliness thinks carrying one is an absolute must. For reference here are some other handy uses for a bandana:

  • Dog neckerchief
  • Cowboy/Bandit costumes
  • Headband/sweatband
  • Reusable handkerchief in place of tissues
  • Sunglasses case inside your backpack
  • Glasses/Sunglasses cleaning rag
  • Mopping up coffee/water spills on your laptop
  • Makeshift beer cüzie
  • Tear gas shield 
  • Do-rag
  • Human neckerchief
  • Spontaneous berry picking sack
  • Travel washcloth
  • Airplane sleepmask
  • ?

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