Rain shedding bags, made from recycled materials | Designed, cut, & sewn in Portland, OR

Why We Joined 1% for the Planet

North St. Bags joins 1% for the Planet

Joining the fight to preserve the natural world.

North St. was founded by a single vision - to make bags that enable healthier choices for ourselves and the world around us. This remains at the heart of our business, and permeates to every corner of North St. from our product designs to the non-profit partnerships we form.

It’s why we source as close to home as possible - keeping our material production close to home reduces ocean-travel, emissions and transportation costs. Why we transitioned to 100% recycled EcoPak sailcloth for our weatherproof layers.

It’s why we’ve developed multi-use convertible bags with both on and off the bike capacity, making it easier to take the scenic route and get the most from the outdoors.

It’s also why we practice a holistic approach to manufacturing, examining every production process to reduce waste and support our team of hard-working, coffee-drinking Portlanders.

We’re proud to join the 1% For the Planet Community and pledge to give back to our planet by donating 1% of every sale to organizations that are making a difference in preserving and protecting the natural world.


Visit Community Cycling Center's website

A long time local friend of North St. Bags, Community Cycling Center has been a cornerstone of accessibility in the Portland biking scene for over 20 years. 

What is our 1% supporting?

"Our mission is to help build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected. We believe that all Portlanders—regardless of income or background—should have the opportunity to experience the joy, freedom, and health benefits of bicycling."

North St. Bags is a sponsor of the Low Income Commuter Discount program, which provides free and reduced costs service, parts, gear, education, and bicycles to folks who need them. At least 1% of every North St. purchase goes to support this access, meaning you're helping equip people with the tools they need for safe transportation, movement, and the simple joy of riding a bike.

Look for the 1% member logo not just from us, but on other brands and products to ensure that your choices make a difference. For more information and a full list of members, visit www.onepercentfortheplanet.org/