Hello Curtis, 

I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I am with this bag! It's been pouring all week and it's completely waterproof. I love how light weight it is and how securely it attaches to my bike. The outside pockets are wonderful for items you want quick access to. The roll down top design is excellent with that little bit of extra fabric at the back. So thoughtfully designed. I added a shoulder strap from an old bag I had and it's very easy to carry. I've gotten a lot of compliments.


Thank you! I took several bags back to REI unable to understand how the big companies just can't figure out what bike commuters need. PLUS...this lovely, made in the USA by a local company bag was more affordable than some others that I tried.



Chelsea - Portland, OR






Dear North St Bags,

My new Woodward Convertible bag has changed my life. Once a cranky commuter, I am now a carefree, happy commuter. I have never been so excited about something as simple as a bag. I combine bike and bus three days a week, for a pretty long commute that often involves more than one bus. I teach, so I have to schlep a lot of stuff. Until I found North St, I used to have to go through a lot of rigamarole every time it was time to put my bike on the bus, or take it off -  a time-consuming, sloppy shuffle of dumping the pannier on the ground while loading or unloading the bike, hoping it didn't get stolen in the meantime, then wresting it back onto or off of the bike. Every. Time.
And being a Pacific NW commuter, of course I had a waterproof pannier, but one with NO POCKETS. Constantly digging around in the chasm of the one-and-only pocket, trying to find bus pass, wallet, glasses, bike light, keys. It made me so, so cranky.

The Woodward goes between bike and back so easily. I just toss it on my back when it's time to load the bike on the bus. My keys and lock are right there whenever I need them. I frigging love this bag. I mean it. Thank you. It's like you crawled inside my brain and saw the blueprint for my dream bag, and then you made it. I'm so glad.


Jill F. - Seattle WA






- upon completion of a three month bicycle tour from St Louis, MO to Seaside, OR


The bags were great. I had two prototypes of a Route Seven Large and a Route Seven Medium from last year's tour, as well as a prototype of a more recent Route Seven. From day 1 I put these bags to the test. The first week alone we rode through downed trees and floodwater. The bags also suffered countless brushes with gravel, dirt, hurricane-strength storms, mud, pavement and truck beds. Aside from one rip in the liner of the red prototype, these bags held up against any and all water (that rip occurred due to a construction flaw which was fixed before the bag entered production).

Grace had 4 Arkel panniers, which as I recall had zippers down the sides so she could quickly get at stuff packed at the bottom. I didn't mind that my panniers didn't have this feature, especially since zippers aren't completely waterproof and I would often stuff gear inside, which would have strained any side zippers.


Spencer - Brother, Web Developer and Product Tester - Portland OR

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