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New Route Seven Setup

Bag Setup:

Use the following steps to set up the bag to fit your rack.


Step 1:  Loosen top strap adjuster.



Step 2:  Adjust bottom strap such that the hooks will barely clear the top rail of the rack.


Step 3:  Test by tightening top strap.



You could also...

measure the distance from the bottom point on the rack to the top rail, and set the pannier strap length to match (add about 1/8" for best results).




How to prevent heel strike

Does your heel hit the bag when you ride?  We can help.  Simply move the bottom hook to the left or right webbing loop, depending on which side of the bike you're using.


left (non-drive) side


right (drive) side

Still stumped?

Drop us a line!  We'll be happy to walk you through it

(503) 419 6230