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Thoughfully designed and handmade in Portland, OR

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Customize your bag further by adding modular hook & loop pockets to the interior. We build each liner with the soft side to avoid snagging your belongings.

Organize your Pack with this Small Vinyl Pocket. Featuring two parallel rows of hook side on its back, the Small Vinyl Pocket secures inside North St. Hip Packs, stashing key items that one needs to keep safe and easily located.

The Small Vinyl Pocket features a 5" x 10" zippered compartment, with a clear vinyl face for easy visibility. Keep your keys, charging cables, personal documents or any other frequently-reached for items in reach and accounted for at all times.

features & specs

  • 5" tall x 8" wide | 12cm tall x 20 cm wide
  • Built with 500d packcloth and clear vinyl

Compatible with: