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"My new Woodward Convertible bag has changed my life... I friggin' love this bag"

Jill F. - Seattle, WA

"Easy to swap between [backpack and pannier]... held it together through rain, snow, sleet and mud"

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Well On Our Way! - Community Sourced Capital Update

October 17, 2014

Dear Friends, Squareholders, & Supporters,  Thank you for sharing our campaign, telling a friend and all your social and financial support! Thus far North St. Bags has reached over $6K of our $10K goal. We are so close to new machines we can practically hear the buzzing sound of success! As a company North St. strives to produce the highest quality handmade products, from US Made materials. That's precisely why we are participating in Community Sourced Capital, we are looking to attain the funds to improve production line, shorten our lead times and continue to grow as a local business.   North St. Bags is expanding into new markets; obtaining additional machines and bulk materials will allow our business to increase production of US Made products in the active and outdoor industry. Please consider becoming a Squareholder before Oct. 28th to help our company grow. We absolutely love our customers and hearing feedback is what keeps us motivated. Thank you for all your support!   Signed,   The North St. Team        "I bought a Route Nine bag earlier this year and use it every day. I love it and had a great experience with the staff when I ordered it. I would love to see this product more widely available--there's definitely a need! I've known & loved CSC for a while now, but this was the first campaign I contributed to, mainly because I know and love the product and think the company has great growth potential." - Seattle, WA   "Making... Continue Reading →

Last Week to Participate in SWITCH (for the season) !

October 14, 2014

The SWITCH Program will be taking a winter hiatus until spring of 2015. The end of this week, October 18th, will mark the last day to turn in any gently used panniers you may have.  In keeping with the strides of sustainability & community outreach, all donated panniers that pass our inspection get turned over to the Community Cycling Center where the bags will then be used in CCC's 'Create a Commuter' program.  The 'Create a Commuter' program provides low income adults with a complete commuter kit (bike, helmet, lights, rack, lock and tools) to ensure a successful commute to work. All participants are required to take a 5 hour safe commuter and bike maintenance training course before hoping on their new ride.  Your gently used bike panniers are added as a wonderfully helpful perk to complete each kit. In return for your donation, SWITCH program participants receive 20% their next full priced North St. Bags purchase.  The SWITCH program has been one of our proudest community out reach projects and we are excited for it to return next spring! If interested in participating before 10/18, please contact us for the online promo code [ info @ northstbags.com                                                                           Continue Reading →

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